Learn the Basics of Table Games

The term “table game” is used in two senses. In the United States, table games are any game played on a table, including card and board games. However, the word “table game” also refers to games of chance operated by live croupiers at A9Play. Though similar in meaning, table games are not the same as boards games. Here, you’ll learn the basics of Craps, Blackjack, Let It Ride, and Pai Gow Poker.


In the Blackjack table game, the player has the option to split or insure a hand. They can also double their bets. One of the other features of this game is the even money feature, which allows the player to bet the same amount four times. If a player has an ace, they are able to double down on this hand. Those who fail to hit an ace will receive only one card and will lose their bet.

Let It Ride

The Let It Ride table game is an evolution of poker that allows players to wager on a poker hand and hope that the dealer has a strong hand. In the game, players are dealt three cards and the dealer deals himself two cards. The first bet is then called the “ante” and the player then draws three cards and makes their decision on whether to withdraw or let it ride. The player must make the same decision on their second bet.